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Back to Basics

Please Do Now:

  1. Explain in your own words how fact and opinion are supposed to interact in each of the following journalistic styles: News, Features, Opinion, A & E, Sports.
  2. How should the author express fact and use opinion?
  3. What should a journalist do when you quote someone with a strong opinion?
  4. Comment back to this post.

Today, students will:

  1. Read the following profile in the New York Times:
  2. Discuss the use of fact, opinion, quotes and balance in a profile piece.
  3. Conduct reporting for their first drafts.

Tonight’s homework is:

  1. First Drafts are due on your blogs AND on paper at the BEGINNING of Friday’s class.

New Rules

Third Quarter Newsroom Structure

Presentation Schedule

Presentation Schedule

 Make sure you read the scheduled students’ blogs the night BEFORE we workshop their pieces.

Project Timeline

J1 Project Timeline

Beachcomber participates in Spirit Week

To all staff: As we are all representatives of the student voice, it is our job to represent the school as a whole. Therefore, I would like editors and writers to dress up for Spirit Week. The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday- Tacky Day

Wednesday- College Shirt Day

Thursday- 50’s Grease

Friday- Hi-Tide Pride Day

 Mr. Weiss knows about this and plans on dressing “tackier than I normally am”…so get into the spirit!

PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE! It’s a fun way to dress up in something you never would on any normal day, and a great way to get into the yearbook. Snapshots will be flying over everyone who dressed up for the Beachcomber (print and online) as well.

Have fun with it!

Your Editor,


Meeting Tuesday After School

Attention:  The Beachcomber will be meeting after school in Room 416 on Tuesday, October 2. 

Sports Calendar

Aaron Groff, sports editor, here again.  Here is a link to the sports calendar.  Please go to the games that you are assigned – take pictures, interview fans and coaches, etc.  We need to get articles on these games in the paper.  If you have any questions or problems, email me at