Third issue / Ads

Please Do Now:

  1. Comment back three specific questions to Mr LA Fitness about how you can improve you sales pitch.

Today, students will:

  1. Learn from a small business owner how to more effectively pitch ad sales.
  2. Conduct additional reporting.

Tonight’s homework is:

  1. Target 3 additional businesses on spreadsheet
  2. Second drafts due Friday

17 responses to “Third issue / Ads

  1. How are you usually approached by ad salespeople? Which approach results negatively, and which results positively?

    Which demographic is your business targeted to?

    How do you deal with a very persistant salesperson?

  2. 1.) what is they dont seem intrested in advertiseing? do i leave?

    2.) Who do i ask to talk to?

    3.) what is some advice i can use on calming my nerves down?

  3. 1. What is your desirable audience?
    2. What makes you want to buy an ad from a certain publication?
    3. Would you buy and ad from the Beachcomber? Why or why not?

  4. Jessica and Brittany Waserstein

    1. What makes you want to buy an ad in one issue versus another?

    2. How do you decide how your demographic looks like?

    3. What attracts to the Beachcomber over other highschool newspapers?


  6. Rachel Coller, Nadine Goldberg, Kelsey Sumalla

    1. How do you decide publications you put your advertisements in?
    2. How did you choose your target audience?
    3. How do you change your advertisements based on which publication it is in?
    4. How would you suggest we play up the advantages of advertising with the Beachcomber?
    5. What presentation methods are the most convincing?
    6. How do we, as students, get companies to take us seriously?

  7. 1. Do powerpoint presentations actually make a difference to companies when deciding whether or not to buy an ad with the Beachcomber?
    2. Are polls necessary if they are so easily made up?

  8. Rachel Coller, Nadine Goldberg

    Nadine and Rachel….NOT kelsey.

  9. 1) What are some key points that helps you decide who you want to advertise with?
    2) What do you usually look for when you advertise with someone?
    3) What usually helps you decide who you want to advertise with?

  10. 1. How do you find out your customer demographic?

    2. Do you only accept ads that reach your customer demographic?

    3. Do you have a separate budget for advertising?

  11. Alexandra Elder and Pelinsu Mese

    1. What makes you want to buy an ad from a specific publication?

    2. How do you choose where to advertise from?

    3. Which demographic is the most important for your business?

  12. 1.How Do You Gain Confidence Around Clients?
    2.How Do You Take No For And Answer Without Being Pushy?
    3.How Do You Get Clients Respect?

  13. What do you bring slng with you to advertise
    What businesses do you usually look for
    What methods are most convincing to customers?

  14. 1. how do you know that the announcement that you’re choosing is actually good?

    2. how do you choose you audience? Is it alway the same kind of audience?

    3. who makes the decision of the kind of advertisement you want?

  15. 1.What about an publication attracts you?
    2.What is your preferred demographic?
    3.What do you think is the best way to present a presentation to a prospective business?
    4. Is there anything that will turn off a business to advertising with us?
    5.Are there any tips you have for student run newspapers to get advertisers?
    6. Is there an advantage to having a newspaper geared to teens that we can capitalize on?
    7. Do you think the beachcomber is a good place to advertise in?

  16. 1) What is the first thing you notice about the sales people that are trying to sell you ads?
    2) How should I act toward the person i talk to about selling an ad?
    3) Do you have any advice on what NOT to do?

  17. Maria Guzman and David Canfield

    1- What makes you want to advertise on a newspaper?

    2- What impresses you about a sales pitch?

    3- What audience do you mostly count on?

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