Article Ideas

  1. Avatar- movie review
  2. Grease, School Play- Review
  3. Dificulty of Class Schedules
  4. Obama’s lowering opinion rating
  5. School Haiti Relief Effort
  6. A day in the life of A school Administer
  7. Student political knowlege
  8. FCAT and stress
  9. JSA bringing Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
  10. Baseball-Softball Team rivalry
  11.  Repetetive Tardy Announcements
  12. Student Perception of the school
  13. Physical State of the building
  14. Increase of haitian population in MDCPS
  15. Fundraising through Parking

23 responses to “Article Ideas

  1. 5 8 10 12 14
    5: Miami Beach Senior High School raises over 3,200 dollars and (number) pairs of shoes to send to Haiti after an earthquake destroys the country.
    14: After an earthquake destroys the majority of Haiti a multitude of students enter the Miami Dade County School System.
    8: As the FCAT approaches, stress is put upon the teachers and students to get in some last minute studying in order to raise the school grade.

  2. FCAT and stress:

    Teachers are stressing out because of the upcoming FCAT’s during the month of February-March.

    School Haiti Relief Fund:

    Students at Miami Beach Senior High have been raising money and collecting shoes for Haiti since the earthquake struck the epicent of Port-au Prince.

    Increase of Haitian population in MDCPS:

    Miami Dade County Public Schools have experienced an increase in Haitian population after the events that occured in Port-au Prince, Haiti.

  3. 5) Student clubs, and organizations at Beach High, support current Haiti relief efforts by collecting money, and shoes.

    8) Teachers and students feel the heat provided by the recent FCAT standards.

    14) As various countries and the people of Haiti work in rebuilding the ailing country, the Miami Dade County Public School system sees a sharp increase of enrolling Haitians.

  4. Alexandra Elder

    The teachers and students at MBSH have been facing alot stress over the FCAT because FCAT prep is taking class time up rather than the students be learning.

    Miami Beach Senior High is working on fundraising for the Haiti relief effort due to the earthquakes that occured by having each student bring in their own money.

    Many students are immigrating from Haiti and are being enrolled in Miami Dade County Public Schools because of the destructive earthquakes that occured there.

  5. 5. School Haiti relief effort- Miami beach Senior high collected X ammount of money and shoes, and they are going to send it to haiti for giving this people some help.
    8. FCAT stress- FCAT, an exam that causes the teachers and students stress. Studyng all time in all classes to pass this exam.
    14. Increase of haitian population in MDCPS- since the earthquake on Haiti the miami Dade ountry Public school system had increased Haitian students.

  6. Lauren Peterson

    8. Beach High is striving for an increase in FCAT scores in order to recieve an “A” this year by pressuring teachers to have their students practice “Show not Tell” and offering free tutoring on the weekends.
    14. Due to Haitis recent trauma, Miami has had an increase in students inrolled

  7. 8- With FCAT’s approaching, teachers are mandated to include “Shot not Tell” activities in their classrooms as a way to improve writing scores, adding stress and complications to meeting curriculum.

    12- Along with Miami Beach Senior High’s new school buildings, comes a new perception on the overall school on behalf of the students due to a change in rules and procedures.

    14- After the devastating earthquake in Haiti Miami Dade County Public schools have faced a large influx of Haitian students

  8. 5.Over ____ dollars have been raised by Miami Beach Senior high for the earthquake in Haiti.

    8.FCAT is coming up and the stress is showing. The “show not tell” system has been implemented to improve FCAT scores. Every class except Mathematics is interrupted for ____ minutes a day.
    12. Over _____ percent of students said they like Miami Beach senior High. This is an increase/decrease from ____% before the building were built.
    14. The Haitian student population in Miaimi Dade County has increased by ______ children.

  9. 5) Students at Miami Beach Senior High take part in a Haiti relief effort after the earthquake by donating money and sneakers.
    8) This year Miami Beach Senior High is providing many forms of FCAT practice in order to gain 6 points and be rated an A school.

  10. School Haiti Relief Effort
    Miami Beach Senior High are in these days is raising money for the wictims after the earthquake in Haiti.

    FCAT and stress
    The students and teachers at Beach high a deaing with a lot of stress as the dates are coming up.

  11. When mrs._____ first heard that many new Haitian students would be joining her classroom, she was delighted. Now, however, she has something else to say, “Quote”

  12. When mrs._____ first heard that many new Haitian students would be joining her classroom, she was delighted. Now, however, she has something else to say, “Quote”

    • When mrs._____ first heard that many new Haitian students would be joining her classroom, she was delighted. Now, however, she has something else to say, “Quote”
      Many of the newly arrived refugees from Haiti are not up to current standards in the English language.

  13. School Haiti Relief Effort:Students And Teachers Rallied Together To Support The Haiti Relief Effort At Miami Beach Senior High.

    FCAT And Stress:Students At Miami Beach Senior High are feeling the impending stress of the upcoming FCAT.

    Increase Of Haiti Population In MDCPS:Miami Beach May Be Seeing Increase In The Haitin Population In Their Schools Due To Devastating Earthquake

  14. FCAT stress –

    Ms. McCartney sits in her disorganized desk inside her classroom. It’s 6:00 pm, and she hasn’t been able to use the restroom since the morning. With a pounding headache, she wonders how she will ever be able to survive the upcoming months with the horrible pressure put on her because of the FCAT. She has gone through this several times, but each time it only gets worse. She wonders, why are they putting this type of pressure on her? Why can’t she have a normal classroom day where she can teach her own curriculum, instead of worrying about explaining and grading Show and Not Tells and FCAT math practice day 12. “I honestly feel as if my head is going to convulse any time soon.” she says with her dry and droopy eyes. Ms. McCartney is one out of the thousands of teachers who suffer from such pressure.

  15. Fresh kicks, and stacks of green, provided by Beach High students and staff, benefit the devastated nation of haiti.

    Teachers and students feel the heat provided by the strict FCAT standards.

    Hundreds of homeless and strggling Haitians have enrollled in South Florida public schools.

  16. Amanda & Lena & Alessia

    Thunderous clouds and shaky grounds
    opening their mouths
    small children falling in
    oh no! oh my!
    now without homes
    they flee to our country
    and our school county
    to reap
    the education of a nation, without such shaky grounds. and much more money.

    Hundreds of poor and desperate children without homes have enrolled in Miami Dade, Monroe and Broward County.

    Fresh kicks and stacks of green provided by Beach High students and staff benefit the incredibly sad devasted nation of Haiti.

  17. Lauren Peterson

    8. Patrick Quinlan sighed with dread as he got up on the morning of FCAT writes. He felt that if he messed this up, it would be all his fault, he would have murdered the only chance for Beach High to get the A for his school. This had been lectured to him everyday for the past 2 weeks. In those two horrifically long weeks, he had been driven to near insanity by the repetitve “Show not Tell” excercises. He looked down at his hands, remembering the nightmare he had last night. Mr. “Show not Tell” was his teacher, and that was all he was allowed to learn for the rest of eternity.

    By pressuring teachers to have their students perfect their “Show not Tell” methods and offering free tutoring on the weekends, Beach High is striving for an increase in FCAT scores in order to finally recieve an “A” this year.

  18. When I first heard about the disaster in Haiti, I was devasted said Nina Duvall. I thought of all the shoeless victims of the earthquake and immediaitely started a shoe collection for the people in Haiti.

  19. Features
    Six points away from an A and (insert # of points) away from a C, faculty is straining students to practice religiously show not tell drills during every class period for the Florida Comprehension Assessment Test.

    The war of the sexes also demonstrated in The Baseball vs. Softball team at Miami Beach Senior High are constantly battling to see who becomes victorious with the best possible record at the end of the season.
    Constant condolences and new customs overwhelm 10,000 new Haitian Students who begin a new life in America after the devastating 7.0 Earthquake striking Haiti.

  20. School Haiti Relief Effort:

    Students and teachers alike were paralyzed by the images shown through the SmartBoards in each classroom- men, women, and children, trapped under collapsed buildings, running over crackled cement, waiting for the help that many were to readily able to provide- even schools, like Miami Beach Senior High.

    FCAT Stress:

    Teachers all across campus deal with it. They open their mail inboxes, and encounter their ultimate doom: It’s FCAT time. These teachers are in charge of imparting a lecture based entirely upon descriptive language- the breaking point? This happens in all classes, from English courses to Mathematics, completely throwing aside the usual curriculum used in each class.

    Student perception of the school

    For the first time in a decade, [insert 1999/2000 alumn here] has stepped into the great walls of Miami Beach Senior High, and [he/she] has encountered a great variety of changes, from the administration to the dress policy- but the most awe-inspiring sight was that of the cool, imposing new buildings, a far cry from the old modesty of the school.

  21. Feature lead:

    The table outside in the schoolyard was overfilled with sneakers after caring students had givien away their sneakers to the wictims after the earthquake in Haiti, after initiativ by teacher Nina Duval.

  22. 8- A groan of frustration escapes her lips as she enters her seventh period journalism classroom. She trudges over to her seat silently wishing for time to stop so she would not have to complete the annoying Show Not Tell assignment.

    12- She entered the spotless white buildings of Miami Beach Senior High with a groan of frustration, immediately she is faced with a line of students being taken to csi for uniform violations she cracks her knuckles to release the frustration the school rules cause despite the school’s new appearance

    14- The crowded halls of Miami Beach Senior High felt even more suffocating that before since 100 new students make their way through the Miami Dade County Public School, as a result of the destructive earthquake that shattered the lives of many Haitians

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